Owner and Locksmith:
Dave Rollhauser

A little about me-
I am a former Maryland Army National Guard Non-Commissioned Officer and Combat Medic with about 12 years of service including a tour in Iraq on 2007-2008...

I also come with a background of 18 years in public safety in Fire and EMS services and 6 years in private security services in governmental, industrial, and retail environments.
My years of work in the public safety world, the military, and private security services have allowed me a unique perspective on physical security matters.

My formal locksmith training is through Ashworth College's Career Training School which I completed in 2013, an ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) accredited locksmith education program.
Since then I've spent a lot of time working over the skills learned and looking to learn others. I will continue to seek more in depth and specific skills training oportunities with which to better serve my customers. Tothat end, I am persuing ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) Certification as well as factory training and certification from a number of the major lock and hardware manufacturers.
About getting the company started-
The company was formed in January of 2016 as a New Year’s resolution on a shoestring budget with the original goal of being able to provide a supplemental income for myself and my family. From there the idea has taken off and grown to a full time business opportunity, while also working at a regular job. This has somewhat limited my availability, but worry not, I will work with my customers to arrange service scheduling that fits your needs.

Currently I am providing the most basic of locksmith services for residential and light commercial customers. Services will include: sales, installation, and servicing of lock cylinders, locksets, and locking hardware, lockout services, key duplication, and new key origination, as well as rekeying of lock cylinders.

Product sales and installations will include: electronic locks including smart locks and standalone access control, standard mechanical locksets, and standalone exit alarms.

For the future-
As things begin to move along, I'll be increasing my stock inventory and expanding available services to include electronic access control, safe work and sales, and restricted keyway high security locks.