Automotive Services

At this time, Caton Lock Service LLC only offers limited automotive lockout services.
Due to the high start up and continuing costs involved with providing auto motive locksmith services involving newer vehicles, especially those using ever evolving security measures, we will be very selective in accepting automotive jobs.
We do not stock automotive key blanks.
We do not have the ability to program or clone chipped keys.
​We do not have the ability to cut high security side milled keys.

Automobile manufacturers; to include the manufacturers of trucks, motorcylcles, and other specialty vehicles; take security for their customers quite seriously. You as a consumer would be very unlikely to purchase a vehicle from a manufacturer that showed no concern for the buyers by failing to take measures to help prevent the theft of valuables kept inside or of the vehicle itself.
Unfortunately criminals who want to steal valuables that we as consumers might keep in our cars or the cars themselves, have found this to be a very lucrative business. Nationwide in the US in 2012, there were an estimated 721,053 motor vehicle thefts. As a result, vehicle manufacturers spend a good amount of time and money researching and developing newer and better security measures and technology to try and protect their customers. Sadly, criminals still manage to keep up with these industrial advances. And the cycle goes on and on.

So, what does this mean for a professional locksmith?

Your professional automotive locksmith has a lot to keep up with between the advances in vehicle security technology along with the techniques most commonly used by criminals in order to provide you, their customer, the best service they can to hel prevent theft and yet help the customer replace lost or stolen keys or just get into the vehicle that the customer has locked their keys inside.
Replacing lost or stolen keys in todays modern reality has become much more than just dealing with a mechanical lock, technology has brought us to coded chip keys and newer proximity keys that must be programmed. There are even newer forms of mechanical keys that work much differently than older ones. As the technology advances the equipment needed to provide automotive locksmith services becomes both more numerous and more expensive to both obtain and maintain. Supplies of mechanical keys and chips, proximity fobs, and remote fobs also need to be kept up to date and become an increased expense of doing business. All the while, older key types and equipment still need to be kept available too for the enthusiasts who enjoy their more historic vehicles along with vehicles that just last better than others.



Not locking your car doors makes you one of the easiest possible targets for auto theft and theft of auto contents, anybody can steal what's inside and once inside it's far quicker and easier to steal a car.


Leaving your keys inside your vehicle is practically asking someone to steal it, almost giving it away in fact. It's also illegal in many states, if the car is stolen you might be charged. On top of that your insurance may not pay for the loss.


Consider carefully the liklihood that an automobile may be more likely to be stolen in one part of town over another.
PARK IN A WELL LIGHTED LOCATION! Lighting increases visibility, visibility can help reduce the liklihood of a vehicle being stolen or belongings being stolen from within.


Items left painly visible in a vehicle can attract wouldbe thieves, some things might give criminals a clue that something more expensive is hidden within.
​Sometimes window tint can reduce visibility within a vehicle, but it can also be a clue that there is something to hide.


An unauthorized person that can get their hands on your keys can leave you open toa few risks.
One risk being that the keys and therefore the car can be stolen quickly and easily.
​Someone that has access to your keys might also be able to get copies of those keys made at a place that might not ask any questions.