Safe Services

At this time, Caton Lock Service LLC does not offer safe services. We do hope to add this service at some point in the future.
We would be happy to refer customers in need of safe services to an expert local to them as needed.

Safe Information and Resources

One of the most importand things for safe owners or potential buyers to understand about safes is the different purposes that safes may be designed to serve.

Some safes are designed to provide a safe pace in which to store important papers and documents and protect them from fire or water damage. Often these types of safes are not very secure against burglary and theft and as such they may be opened by very simple means.

Other safes are designed to protect valuable items from theft and burglary. These safes are commonly much heavier and far more robust and secure than fire protection safes.

Commonly Used Safe Services provided by locksmiths and Safe Techs may include some of the following:

​-Combination changes
-Moving and installing safes
-Simple and complex repairs
-Lock repair and replacement
-Recovery of lost combinations
-Safe Opening due to lost combinations or damage

There are safes that can be bought that combine the desirable features of both fire and water protection with theft and burglary protection. Some of these type of safes may not serve either purpose well while others do so very well.

It is an important suggestion that anyone interested in buying a safe take the time to talk to an experienced locksmith or a certified safe technician and get their perspective. Blindly buying an inexpensive safe from a bigbox retailer could be a costly mistake!


The Safe and Vault Technicians Association, is one of the worlds leading trade associations devoted to serving professional safe and vault technicians, a specialty service within the locksmith world.
If you should choose to hire a SAVTA member, you're likely to have hired a very knowledgeable professional who will provide with the best service for your safe.
While I am not a SAVTA member, I have a great deal of respect for the organization and it's members.


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